Suspect Elder Abuse? Here’s what to Do

Elder abuse and neglect in Canada is a disgusting form of misconduct that can happen in a variety of settings, including places where we least expect like in long term care facilities. If you’re concerned about senior citizen mistreatment, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Alberta as soon as possible. Many misconduct cases go unreported leaving the affected family, especially the victim, to deal with the emotional impact of incident(s). By seeking justice, you’re also helping other families dealing with similar issues. Abuse suits can be complex; here’s some advice on what to do when you’re suspicious:

Signs to Look For

First, it’s important to assess the situation. Most people don’t just randomly decide their family member is a victim to violence. There’s usually a good reason for suspicion. Have you noticed sudden depression, confusion, or anxiety? Does the senior citizen have unexplained injuries? Do they seem fearful around certain people? What about a worrisome change in hygiene habits? These are definitely some signs to look for when suspicious of abuse towards a senior citizen.

Call 911 if there’s Immediate Danger

It can be difficult for a victim or a family member to speak up when suffering from mistreatment, especially because the person on the receiving end tends to rely on the offender for necessities like medication. However, the last thing you want is for the victim to be in grave danger by their abuser. When you’re suspicious of serious misconduct such as sexual or physical abuse, then understand your loved one is in immediate trouble and you must call 911 immediately.

Report the Incident

Nursing home offenses may consist of withholding medication or food, name calling, stealing money, and neglecting the victim. While there are many different forms of long term facility misconduct, all incidents are equally serious and must be reported. In Alberta, there are a variety of different resources to help you understand the seriousness of the situation along with different numbers you can call.

  • The Family Violence Info Line: 310-1818
  • The Safeguards for Vulnerable Adults Information and Reporting Line: 1-888-357-9339

Contact a Lawyer

Do you suspect elder abuse is occurring in a nursing home? This type of misconduct is completely unacceptable and can be emotionally draining for the victim which can lead to depression, anxiety and fear. Living in a long term care facility can be difficult enough without introducing neglect, sexual, physical or emotional mistreatment into the picture. By not reporting the incident(s) and not seeking justice, you’re setting your loved one and other families up for a lifetime of pain. Help put a stop to elder abuse. Bring the offender to justice by contacting a reputable attorney from Injury Lawyer Alberta. They’ll help you seek justice and gain the financial restitution your family member deserves. After all, no one should suffer in silence.

Know Your Rights When You’re Assaulted

It can happen anywhere. In a bar, on the street, in the bus, at school, while you are driving or in your own home. You can get assaulted for no reason at all. And if you have ever been assaulted, then you also know the psychological trauma it causes. Aside from the actual physical injury, assault creates deep psychological damage that can affect your whole life. The frustration and sadness you are feeling right now are caused by the psychological trauma you’ve endured. You see, an assault leaves you humiliated and scared. When somebody attacks you, they take away all your power transforming you into a victim. It is only natural to feel powerless afterwards. And that feeling can lead to grave consequences because when you feel helpless, you don’t feel safe anymore. And when you can’t feel safe in your own world, you can’t fully live your life.

Lady JusticeAn assaulter does more than physically hurt you. They disrupt your whole universe and bomb your world leaving you without shelter. And if all of this sounds familiar to you, then read further to find out how to reverse it. There are times in our lives when we need to vent. Simply talking about bad experiences heals the wound. But if you are a victim of an assault, merely talking about it will not help. That feeling of powerless and fear will not go away. What you need to do is prove to yourself that you still have power and are capable of healing your world. How do you do that? By going after your aggressor in a smart way.

Go to a law firm, hire the best injury lawyer and sue the assaulter. Only after doing this, your wound will begin to heal and your fear to go away. The law is on your side. Our law firm offers you the best assault injury lawyers in Calgary. They will counsel you and decide upon the best strategy to bring your assaulter to justice. Think of them as sentinels to your little world. Once your assaulter has paid the price for what they’ve done, your life will return to normal. Don’t let them get away with what they did and don’t let yourself remain a victim. Stand up for your fundamental human rights along with us.

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