what is managed VPS hosting?

in this video we're going to look at the difference between managed versus unmanaged we're going to look at conventional vs. cloud VPS and finally where you can get a VPS

what is a VPS?

VPS stands for virtual private server it's a server with its own copy of OS and allocated server resources and it's within a bigger server it's essentially a machine that's divided into several compartments with separate server software and it functions independently of other servers so looking at the graphic version of it you're gonna have a dedicated server that has the RAM and hard drive space separated and each VPS is going to use only the resources allocated to it so if for instance VPS number two here uses all of its resources and gets bogged down it's not going to affect the server of VPS number one

what's the difference between managed and unmanaged VPS?

with a managed VPS it requires limited or really no IT knowledge to run it your server is maintained by IT s at the hosting service it's a little bit more expensive and some hosting companies will limit equipment customization for unmanaged VPS you are responsible for all the server and security issues it's cheaper and sometimes also comes with operational freedom depending on what your situation is and what your knowledge is will depend on which one's going to work best for you let's look at the difference between conventional vs. cloud VPS with a conventional VPS it's a smaller server within a bigger physical server and it can hit the physical limitations if traffic is high with cloud based it runs on most multiple clustered servers it's scalable in other words it's easy to expand usually with automatic or zero downtime and it can be customizable based on needs of a project who should use VPS hosting this can be a very difficult question to answer because everybody has their own requirements so some of the ones that I've thought about that sort of fit the rule of thumb are high-traffic blogs a web development company or site a website or someone that operates multiple websites or if you're using process heavy applications such as real estate listings small to medium sized e-commerce large directory sites or websites with reservations or bookings all of these generally need more resources than you would get from a shared hosting option where to get VPS hosting? this is a very difficult question to answer because there are dozens maybe hundreds of different hosting companies out there and while they often seem to offer the same service they often don't so the big question is are there system resources good in other words are they using SSD drives are they good at support so are they 24/7 and are the people knowledgeable a lot of these places either have not a 24/7 option or they aren't very knowledgeable more often than not you're not going to find out if they're not knowledgeable until you have an issue and that could be six months down the road and when that issue comes up is it going to be so significant that you've lost your entire site I've heard of a lot of options where that's the case and of course the support all they're gonna do is either try and funnel you to a knowledge base or pawn you off on somebody else saying that they'll get to it so in my experience the two options that have been fantastic and these are highly reputable and often recommended from my web design colleagues are liquid web and SiteGround so a liquid web cloud VPS starts at $59 per month as I mentioned before and yeah you can get 50 50 percent off for three months using the promo code fast VPS 50 set ground starts at $80 per month and as far as I know there are no discounts for it at the moment so either way you can get both of these options through the links down below